obliviatemaria replied to your post: how many ppl on this blog even know wh…

I do I do! :)

i love me maria

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don’t threaten me with a good time.

ur weird, lesbo

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dont u shh me imma fuq u up

I miss you :/

i miss you too :(

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I have never been so in love with hair until this very moment.


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ninekingscorrupted replied to your post: OH MY UGUKCIN G F GOD TH AT CA T GI F I M SCMREAIMG

I pee everytime I see u

me 2 nick, me 2

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What a pedeloh

total maricon

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Ihere’s a lovely bakery in my town and they have a nice blog. I’m not sure it’s what you are looking for and also it is not in English but here you go: www.miyu…

 No, thats not what I’m looking for :( I’m looking for a blog that has gifs and pics of food from anime :(( 

But thank you anyways :) 

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creepy face


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i wanted but i googled and it seemed childish.

 Duuuudeee, it’s seriously awesome and not childish at all

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I was watching it. can’t wait for promise day.

 I have no idea what that is because I’m just gonna watch like 10th episode but god i love this thing already

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because more followers

 If I keep gaining followers on my Naruto blog as fast as I have gained them since now I’m gonna have more followers than this blog within a month

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so trololololo pls stop


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katastrohicfailure reblogged your photo: daddyfuckedme: a fucking 3d leg tattoo 

It’s fucking fake.

Aww, don’t ruin the fun dude 

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damn gurl, you think you’re cool?

yes im tumblr famous wat did u think

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Hey Hey!!! Bambam wants all the sass!! so suck my dick as well!! :D


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