boredomtodeath: yeah, you're just some average girl :S:S:S:

Apparently I am :((((

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boredomtodeath: LICK IT !

I will lick yours next time i see you eoeehoeeheoheo

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I’ll smash you hard the next time I’m goming to Tartu

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boredomtodeath replied to your post: All this zombie apocalypse thing is irritating…

with all the zombie killing games n shit we just know what to do when a zombie apocalypse comes, or something like that ? idk

"what to do when zombie apocalypse comes" 

Dude no, there won’t be zombie apocalypse and if there will be every single one of you motherfuckers who keep planning it all the time (choosing your weapons, sidekicks etc) are going to die because this won’t be anything that will be in video games/movies. This is real life.

And there won’t be any fucking zombie fucking apocalypse.

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boredomtodeath: no, just no...

Ralf, y u no like awkward gay threesome?

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boredomtodeath: so, you like to bleach holes in your hair ?

Don’t you like my little bald hole? It’s what makes me beautiful and special meow

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